Korean Dramas Aired in Sri Lankan Channels

1. Full House (ITN)
2. Autumn in My Heart (ITN)
3. Jewel in the palace / Sujatha Diyani (SLRC)
4. Wind in the Palace/Yi san / Dong Yi /Ahbeetha Diyani (SLRC)
5. Horse Doctor/ Isiwara Wedaduru (SLRC)
horse doc
6. Sungkyunkwan Scandal /Asaliya Mala (ITN)
7.Princess’ Man / Sihina Kumara (ITN)
8.Boys Over Flowers (Derana)

 9. Strongest Chil Woo / Chil woo (ITN)

10.My Girl / Thatu Ahimi Samanali (Swarnawahini)

11.Heirs (Derana)


 12. Goddes of Fire/Sirimati Siththarawi (SLRC)
13. Batahira Maligawa / West Palace (SLRC)il1g
14. Hiru Sandu Aadarei / Moon that embraces the sun (SLRC)
 15. Ananthayen aa tharu Kumara / My love from another star (Sirasa TV)
[ 31st August on wards @7.30 p.m]

16. Melody of Love (Derana)
17.Hima Thuhina / I Can Hear Your Voice (sirasa)
i hear your voice wallpaper
18. City Hunter (ITN)
19. Me Adambarakaari / Secret Garden (TV 1)

18 thoughts on “Korean Dramas Aired in Sri Lankan Channels

  1. Real K Pop and K Drama fans don’t even want to dream the dramas being dubbed! These Channels are destroying the K entertainment! 😦


      • They can always go with sub titles. I agree SLRC do it in a good quality. But other media cooperation change the reality of the original K-drama and make a totally different story and people get a negative idea about certain cultural aspects and Korean language. If they air it with sinhala subtitles (like they air most of Bollywood and Hollywood dramas) I’m sure many people will; be able to learn Korean through that (Like many Sri Lankans can understand and speak Hindi)


    • Why do you say so?? I never think it s true.dubbed dramas never destroy korean entertainment but promote it more and more .sri lankans are in love with korean culture coz this dubbed creations


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  3. I love Korean dramas mama ilanawa my girlfriend gumiho hari who are you hari dream high hari danma kiyala awa hari lassanai gaming kamathi weyi


  4. Pls we want new kdramas to be aired in sri lanka.there are many beautiful dramas also it would be nice if they broadcast with sinhala subtitles without dubbing them like when full house aired for 1st time


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