Charity Project by Triple S & Henecia Sri Lanka

​TripleS Sri Lanka and Henecia Sri Lanka organised a charity project for the 3rd consecutive year celebrating SS501’s anniversary  and the birthdays  of all the members.

Video –

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​”First things first before I launch into my thank you. We plan on sending stats to a reporter from a Korean TV station (that’s all I can say for now as I am yet to contact said person and discuss the survey with them) who was interested in knowing around how many fans live in Sri Lanka. So do fill this in if you haven’talready ^_^ ❤ 

That being said, Ladies and gentlemen, we have 532 respondents. When I started this I was wondering if we would be able to get even 500 but look. So many of you exist!! :’) And from 18 of the 25 districts too!!! I’m sure there are fans from the other districts too. The survey is not closing anytime soon. But do fill this in quickly~”
directly  taken from Hallyu fans in Sri Lanka