[The Korean Cultural Festival 2017 to be held on 1 July]

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 
establishment of diplomatic ties between Korea and Sri Lanka this year, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, the National Unification Advisory Council South West Asia Chapter, the Korean Residents Association of Lanka, and the Korean Businessmen’s Association in Sri Lanka are co-organizing a variety of programs on two separate occasions – in July and November.
One upcoming event is the Korean Cultural Festival 2017 which will be held at the Bishop’s College Auditorium on 1 July. The event is organized in partnership with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Wayamba Development and Culture Affairs of Sri Lanka, and the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation. 
In recent years, with the growing popularity of the ‘Korean Wave’, epitomized by K-Dramas and K-Pop, many Sri Lankans including young people have shown a deep interest in Korean culture and language. Responding to this love for Korean culture, the Embassy has organized the annual Korean Cultural Festival over the last few years. And it has proved to be a successful way to further deepen the friendship and goodwill between Korea and Sri Lanka. 
The 2017 Festival consists of two main events: (1) the Quiz-on Korea and (2) the K-Pop World Festival. The Quiz-on Korea (13:30 – 16:00 on 1 July) is a survival quiz competition where the questions will be on generic topics on Korea, including Korean lifestyle, traditional culture, history and language. The winner will be invited to learn and experience Korea this September, and compete with national representatives from different countries around the world to win the top prize. The K-Pop World Festival (17:00 – 19:30 on 1 July) is a K-pop performance competition, for which the Embassy has invited talented Sri Lankan vocalists and/or dancers to show their K-pop spirit on stage. Winning team(s) will stand the chance to go to Korea for the final round and compete internationally this September, following a screening process. They will also be able to meet and perform together with K-Pop stars.
Furthermore, the Korea Week will start on the 40th anniversary day (14 November) and go until 19 November. During the Korea Week, the following events will take place: cultural performances of Nanta* (BMICH, 14-15 November), the Korean Film Festival 2017 (NFC Theatre, 17-20 November), the Korean Cultural Experience Event (TBC, 18 November), the Korean Language Speech Contest (TBC, 18 November), an issuance of commemorative stamps (14 November), a television documentary screening on the diplomatic ties (Rupavahini TV, 18 November), and the Korean Ambassador’s and Kukkiwon Cup Taekwondo Championship (TBC, 19 November).
Meanwhile, celebrating the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties, the Korea Navy Cruise Training Task Group is also scheduled to visit Colombo Port (26-29 October).
* NANTA, derived from the traditional Korean instrumental performance “Samulnori”, is a musical performance gaining popularity worldwide.

Source- Korean Embassy in Sri Lanka


Popular Korean actress supports flood relief efforts

Popular Korean Actress Lee Young-ae made a contribution to the value of 56,000,000 Korean Won (approximately 50,000 US Dollars) to support flood relief efforts in Sri Lanka, following the extensive devastation caused to life and property as a result of the recent floods and landslides in the country, Embassy of Sri Lanka in Seoul said.

The Chairman of the Korea Foundation for Persons with Disabilities Lee Seong-gyu formally handed over Actress Lee Young-ae’s contribution to the Charge d’ Affaires (a.i.) of Sri Lanka in the Republic of Korea Sasanga Nikapitiya on Monday 5 June at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Seoul. 

Actress Lee Young-aeindicated in a message that she was ‘deeply saddened to receive the news that the Sri Lankan people had lost their lives and houses due to the severe flooding’. ‘As the scale of the damage became increasingly extensive,’ she wanted ‘to help with the recovery efforts’ in whichever way she could.  She also wished those affected people and their families an early recovery.

Actress Lee Young-ae is well known and much loved by the Sri Lankan people following her role as “Changumi” in the famous Korean historical drama ; “Dae Jang Geum” (“Sujatha Diyani”) which was serialized on Sri Lankan television and became extremely popular nationwide.  As the Advisory Chairperson of the Korea Foundation for Persons with Disabilities, Lee Young-ae also plays a positive role in improving awareness of disabilities and persons with disabilities among the general public.  She also supports the under privileged in numerous ways.

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[QUIZ ON KOREA in Sri Lanka is open]

Have you ever dreamed about visiting KOREA? If so here is the chance to achieve your dream. Show your interest and knowledge about Korean culture and language at the #QUIZ_ON_IN_SRI_LANKA_2017 on 1st July 2017.

If you are chosen as the winner of this event you could attend the Final in Seoul, Korea on 15th Sept 2017. The winner will receive a free round-trip ticket to Korea, while all other related expenses during your stay would be provided from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea. The Final`s venue is KBS Hall which is the biggest broadcasting company in Korea. So you may meet K-POP stars, actors and actresses by chance.

Please note that deadline for application is until 10th June Midnight. Just fill out the attached application form and send it to koreanfestival2017@gmail.com. And applicants under 18 years of age(born before Sept 1999) will not be qualified to participate in this event. A small gift will be given to participants on 1st July. Once again, thank you for your interest and support.

Q. When dose the event start?
A. QUIZ ON KOREA in Sri Lanka will start from 13:30~16:00pm on 1st July 2017 at the Bishop`s College auditorium.
Right after the QUIZ, the K-POP World Festival will commence at 17:00.

Q. What is the questions?
A. The questions are about Korean tradition, culture, entertainment, language, all about Korea. And question`s type would be OX quiz, objective and subjective.

Q. If I just sending the application, could I attend the QUIZ ON KOREA in Sri Lanka?
A. Depend on the number of applicants, we would hold the preliminary test before the QUIZ ON KOREA.

Q. Can only the winner get the flight ticket?
Yes. Only one winner could get the round-trip ticket to Korea. A. But don`t be disappointed. We are awarding prizes for the Top 6 contestants and a small gift to all participants.

Q. When will the winner go to Korea and what is duration of the stay?
A. The winner would stay in Korea from 11~16 Sept 2017(tentative) and the final is on 15th Sept 2017.



Source – Korean Embassy

Want to join a Girl Band? 

[Worldwide Recruitment] 

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Mnet has established an IDOL School.

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Cr – Mnet Idol School

Write your Korean food story in Sri Lanka 

Korean Restaurants in Sri Lanka 

1. Hangukwan 

2. Juliana Hotel – Kyung Bok Kun

3. KBQ 

4. Seoul 

5. B.us Kitchen 

6.Hans Dream

Where to buy ingredients to make Korean food

  1. Hana Market

  2. Colpetty supermarket (go to the 2nd floor and you can find a Chinese shop, Beemas and Branas. You can buy a variety of ingredients here. If you are looking for vegetables check the shops in the ground floor)
  3.  Hangukwan  (This was opened recently and you can find rice cakes (used to cook ttobboki) and variety of ingredients here)


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​[National Preliminary Round for K-Pop World Festival 2017]

To get a chance to compete by performing at the Korean Cultural Festival 2017 which will be held on 1 July 2017 at Bishop’s College Auditorium, please submit the Application Form with your Audition Video link by Sunday, 30 April 2017 to koreanfestival2017@gmail.com.
* The Application Form can be downloaded on the Embassy website : 

Please read the following instructions carefully.
The Festival is hosted by the Korean Embassy in Colombo and it serves as the National Preliminary Round for the K-Pop World Festival 2017. A select number of online audition participants will be invited to compete by performing in front of judges and general audiences. 
1. Eligibility :

To participate as a performer (individual or team), you must be of Sri-Lankan origin, living in Sri Lanka and over 15 years of age.
2. Online Audition Video :

Prepare and upload your performance video (ideally between 5-6 minutes) on YouTube and let us know the link through the Application Form. Alternatively, post your CD with the Application Form to the Embassy at 98 Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 7. The Online Audition is for screening purpose only, and if you wish, you may prepare and perform a different item at the Festival should you be selected, with the approval of the Embassy.
3. Application Deadline :

Midnight (24:00) Sunday, 30 April 2017.
4. Result Announcement :

The Online Audition result will be announced and personally informed to you by Tuesday, 9 May 2017 (tentative).
* For further inquiries, you may contact the Embassy on phone 011-2699-036~8 or email  koreanfestival2017@gmail.com
* Follow K-POP World Festival’s official website for video clips of the former performance:

We look forward to meeting many of Sri Lanka’s K-Pop talents soon !
[Q & A]

Some have asked similar questions for the last festival – we hope you find the following answers useful.
1. If you feel compelled to, you may send in both your Vocal and Vocal with Dance category videos (i.e. 2 different videos). However, only one ‘item’ will make to the live stage competition.. In other words, no participant will have double performance.
2. You can participate as solo, with no ‘team members’.
3. As for the ‘Vocal with Dance’ category, you are required to sing as well as dance. Of course, you can include some moves (but not main) with Vocal only category. No Dance only category.
4. With the choice of songs, any version is fine including Teledrama OSTs – as long as they are considered ‘K-pop’.
5. Those with a foreign nationality may participate in the online audition, however due to the regulations from the headquarters in Korea, one would not be able to ‘represent’ Sri Lanka as a winner of the qualifier. If this is not a concern, we are happy to have you.
6. The Online Audition Video has to be a non-edited ‘live performance’.
Once again, thank you for your interest and support.
Source – Korean Embsay in Sri Lanka