[QUIZ ON KOREA in Sri Lanka is open]

Have you ever dreamed about visiting KOREA? If so here is the chance to achieve your dream. Show your interest and knowledge about Korean culture and language at the #QUIZ_ON_IN_SRI_LANKA_2017 on 1st July 2017.

If you are chosen as the winner of this event you could attend the Final in Seoul, Korea on 15th Sept 2017. The winner will receive a free round-trip ticket to Korea, while all other related expenses during your stay would be provided from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea. The Final`s venue is KBS Hall which is the biggest broadcasting company in Korea. So you may meet K-POP stars, actors and actresses by chance.

Please note that deadline for application is until 10th June Midnight. Just fill out the attached application form and send it to koreanfestival2017@gmail.com. And applicants under 18 years of age(born before Sept 1999) will not be qualified to participate in this event. A small gift will be given to participants on 1st July. Once again, thank you for your interest and support.

Q. When dose the event start?
A. QUIZ ON KOREA in Sri Lanka will start from 13:30~16:00pm on 1st July 2017 at the Bishop`s College auditorium.
Right after the QUIZ, the K-POP World Festival will commence at 17:00.

Q. What is the questions?
A. The questions are about Korean tradition, culture, entertainment, language, all about Korea. And question`s type would be OX quiz, objective and subjective.

Q. If I just sending the application, could I attend the QUIZ ON KOREA in Sri Lanka?
A. Depend on the number of applicants, we would hold the preliminary test before the QUIZ ON KOREA.

Q. Can only the winner get the flight ticket?
Yes. Only one winner could get the round-trip ticket to Korea. A. But don`t be disappointed. We are awarding prizes for the Top 6 contestants and a small gift to all participants.

Q. When will the winner go to Korea and what is duration of the stay?
A. The winner would stay in Korea from 11~16 Sept 2017(tentative) and the final is on 15th Sept 2017.



Source – Korean Embassy


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