AKS Graduate Fellowship, 2016 and 2017

[AKS Graduate Fellowship, 2016 and 2017]
The Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) Graduate Fellowship is one of our non-degree programs which invites and supports international students for six months, providing them with a momentum to grow to be a next generation of promising scholars in Korean studies and to play a leading role in the field abroad. Those who aspire to widen and deepen their knowledge of Korea by conducting research at our graduate school in one of the most dynamic countries in the world are very welcome to apply.

1. Key Attributes
– Monthly allowance of KRW900,000 is provided
– An economy-class round trip airfare at actual expense is provided
– Free Korean language courses are provided
2. Fellowship Period : 6 months
– 2016 Fall Semester (1st period): From 1 September 2016 to 28 February 2017
– 2017 Spring Semester (2nd period): From 1 March 2017 to 31 August 2017
※ Applicants should select one of the fellowship periods.
3. Application Period
– 25 April 2016 ~ 20 May 2016
4. Contact Information
– Tel : +82-31-709-8111(ext214), +82-31-708-5310
– Fax : +82-31-709-9946
– E-mail : mirang@aks.ac.kr (http://intl.aks.ac.kr/english)
5. Details
– Link (http://lka.mofa.go.kr/english/as/lka/mission/notice/index.jsp?sp=/webmodule/htsboard/template/read/engreadboard.jsp%3FtypeID=16%26boardid=12422%26seqno=733682%26tableName=TYPE_ENGLEGATIO)

[한국학중앙연구원, 차세대 한국학자 초청 연구지원 대상자 모집 공고]
한국학대학원의 “차세대 한국학자 초청 연구지원”은 해외 교육 기관에서 한국학 관련 연구를 진행하는 외국인 및 재외국민 학생을 초청하여 교육․연구 활동을 지원함으로써 한국학의 저변을 확대하는 선도자 역할을 담당하도록 장려하는 프로그램입니다. 2016년 9월 또는 2017년 3월부터 6개월간 지원받을 대상자를 다음과 같이 모집하오니 관심있는 분들의 많은 지원 바랍니다.

1. 지원 내용
– 연구 지원금 : 월 900,000원
– 여비 : 왕복 항공료
– 한국문화학당에서 개설하는 한국어 강의 무료 수강
2. 지원 기간 : 6개월 (연장 불가)
– ’16-2학기 (1차) : 2016. 9. 1. ~ 2017. 2. 28.
– ’17-1학기 (2차) : 2017. 3. 1. ~ 2017. 8. 31.
※ 지원자는 두 지원 기간 중 하나를 선택하여 지원하여야 함.
3. 신청 기한
– 2016. 4. 25.(월) ~ 2016. 5. 20.(금)
4. 문의처
– 전 화 : +82-31-709-8111(내선214), +82-31-708-5310
– 팩 스 : +82-31-709-9946
– 이메일 : mirang@aks.ac.kr (http://www.aks.ac.kr)
5. 안내자료
– 링크 (http://lka.mofa.go.kr/korean/as/lka/news/announcements/index.jsp?sp=/webmodule/htsboard/template/read/korboardread.jsp%3FtypeID=15%26boardid=2095%26seqno=1216439%26tableName=TYPE_LEGATION)

Source – Korean Embassy in Sri Lanka


2 thoughts on “AKS Graduate Fellowship, 2016 and 2017

  1. I am kalhari kulathunge from kandy. I did my A/L exam in last August. it’s mean in 2016. My dream is to study about music and acting in Korean university. I want to apply for a scholarship. Is there any scholarship to 2017 or 2018. Please help me to find it. I want my dream to be come true. So please help me


    • Hello Kalhari, Scholarships for 2017 has already been sorted out few months ago. When scholarships are open again I’ll be posting on this blog. So if you are interested please follow the blog. Then you will get thw notification to your email address. Scholarships for 2018 will be probably announced by coming July.


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