Say Goodbye to Chansung (2PM)

Hi everyone,

So as we all know Our Chansung oppa is still here and he will be here for few more days,so the best thing we can do is prepare to meet him(at least to see him) at the airport,The staff doesn’t let us know anything as its prohibited them to inform us.but there will be a chance to see him at the get ready girls.We discussed with some friends and they will inform us about the flight time.Dont ever try to disturb the crew by stalking near by shooting locations.And also we discussed and arranged songs to sing for Chansung at the Airport.We are going to sing “Come Back When You Here This song” and ” Thank You (Hottest ver.) ” of 2PM.
Please give your suggestions..
If you guys wanna join with us please inform us as soon as possible.if you are seeing this post please tag your friends and share it among all Sri Lankan Kpop fans.we will let you know the time and other details later.Keep in touch.
Thank You!

Source – Hottest Sri Lanka

Please contact the bellow page for further details…..


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