LeeTuk and ChangSeung in Sri Lanka – “Let’s go Together”

Recently the Chinese variety show “Let’s go Together” was filmed in Sri Lanka giving high hope to every Sri Lankan fan girl. (Specially ELFs and Hottest).  ChangSeung (2PM) who is a cast member and LeeTuk (Super Junior) who is a guest artist for the show visited Sri Lanka along with the Chinese artists.

Even though Sri Lanka’s hottest came across the rumor he’s coming to Sri Lanka early this year, no one wanted to get their hopes up as there are number of instances where the those plans got canceled.

After LeeTuk posting a instagram (IG) post on 15th Tuesday telling he’s coming to Sri Lanka all the fan bases in Sri Lanka went out of control and few of them managed to go to the Bandaranaike Air Port to welcome him on his arrival. (though this is not the first time a korean artist coming to sri lanka this was the first time we get to welcome one at the Air Port)  In the mean time Hottest go to know that ChangSeung is already in Sri Lanka and he’s shooting at a certain venue.

As LeeTuk was a guest artist he left Sri Lanka on 17th (early morning) leaving a message on his IG account but ChangSeung will continue filming according to the normal plans.

[this article is followed by the SNS updates and the photo album (credits will be given) and this article will be updated as soon as i get photos.]

Please be kind enough not to go to the filming locations and they have to work according to a tight schedule. Don’t ask me where they are right now. I will post a full time line after they leave the country. 






2 thoughts on “LeeTuk and ChangSeung in Sri Lanka – “Let’s go Together”

  1. HI.Imma big k-pop lover and my fandom is ELF.Is there any Sri lanka ELF’S????/.I mean every one I know belong to army of EXo’l. I feel like only ELF living in Sri Lanka.Someone plz help me out from my misery.ANYONE???????


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