[Quiz on Korea 2015 in Sri Lanka]


What is unique and special about this quiz competition is that the single finalist for this event will be able to go to Korea in September this year. The lucky winner will have the chance to learn and experience Korea, and compete with Korea-lovers from around the world.

It is a survival quiz competition. Contestants will compete with each other in answering approximately 50 questions. If one fails to submit the right answer, he/she cannot answer the next question. The last person to survive will be the winner of the competition.

(** Sample questions will be available on the Embassy website by mid-May.)

The questions will be surrounding 11 topics including the following: Korean history, constitution and government, economy, life, society, culture and arts, sports, tourism, nature, Korea in the world, inter-Korean relations.

How to participate:
– Any Sri Lankan national can compete individually, by simply submitting your details to korembsrilanka@gmail.com
– or post your details to the Korean Embassy, 98, Dharamapala Mawatha, Colombo 7, or fax 011-266-6699
– Please be sure to send your full name, contact number, and a brief explanation of why you have decided to participate in the quiz competition.

◆ Deadline for application: June 15th, 2015
◆ Preliminary Contest (Qualifier): June 27th, 2015
◆ Quiz on Korea: Upcoming September
◆ Submit to: korembsrilanka@gmail.com

1509821_1044342705593105_5285526982203184655_n (1)

Source – https://www.facebook.com/korembsl


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