Korean language classes open for SL public


An opportunity to learn the Korean language eventually opened for the Sri Lankan public at the Korea Corner in the Colombo Public Library, Colombo 7.

Any Sri Lankan national can apply for this language course as there will be no particular restrictions on age or academic levels, even free of charge.

This is a part of promoting the Korea Corner as discussed between the Korean Embassy and the Colombo Public Library.

This plan had also been mentioned during the first anniversary for the Korea Corner on January 27, 2015.

In Sri Lanka, genuine interest in Korea and the Korean culture, also known as Hallyu, has been increasing in the recent years, however, opportunities to learn the Korean language in Colombo were limited, ever since the Sejong Institute’s closure in the year 2013.

The classes will be run by KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency), every Saturday from 9 to 12 at the Korea Corner, from April 25, 2015.

In addition, applications will be open for three weeks at the Colombo Public Library.

The learning material will be a Korean language textbook published and also donated by the Korea Embassy on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Korea Corner.

On the first day of classes, thirty five people had attended, which was more than the anticipated number of people.

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea plans to open additional classes according to the demand of the applicants through consultations with KOICA and the Colombo Public Library

Source – http://www.dailynews.lk

Writer’s comments on the Class

I would like to say this is far morr better than what I expected as this is the second time I’m attending a Korean Language class. The teacher (Ms Bae , Bae Sonsaengnim) really friendly and gives equal attention to everyone. She explains everything in Sinhala and do many group activities as well as lessons related to the Korean culture.

I recommend you to join this class and improve your knowledge.



12 thoughts on “Korean language classes open for SL public

  1. I have been very curious about this class since it would be a great opportunity for me to improve my korean. Couldyou tell me the procedure i must follow to join the class. Please


    • Dear, now the class has already started and if you join now it will be really hard to catch up and you will get fed up and give up learning. I will post an article on this page when it will start again and how to join it as soon as i get informed.

      If you follow this blog you will get the upload or else check this blog time to time ^_^ Fighting !!!


  2. i am really interested in learning Korean language.could you please tell me the next date that you’ll are going to start and also the venue as well.


  3. I am interested in learning the language so could you please be kind enough to update me with your Korean language course.I look forward for a favorable reply…


  4. I feel like i’m going crazy…when will the next class start..???after my a/l exam completed i also hope to join this class..i love learning korean…


  5. I learnt a bit of Korean by self studying so I can manage to read and write a bit and I would like to learn it properly. Could you please let me know the procedure of joining the class when you are starting a new class?


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