SHINee 7th Anniversary Project by SHINee World – Sri Lanka

Welcome to the SHINee7ersary Project by SHINee World Sri Lanka!

SWSL is planning on celebrating SHINee’s 7th anniversary in a meaningful way this year by organizing a charity project. Since the boys have been with us and made us smile for 7 years we want to share some of this happiness with the kids from two schools in Kalpitiya. Please do take part in whichever way is easiest for you.


About the schools

The Puttlam/Kalpitiya Muhaththuwaram Sinhala Vidyalaya (P/K MSV) and the Puttlam/Kalpitiya Muhaththuwaram Muslim Kanishta Vidyalaya (P/K MMKV) are two schools that are located in Dutch Bay Island. The two schools’ students mostly come from families who depend on deep sea fishing as their main livelihood. This, predictably, doesn’t bring in much in the way of finances. P/K MSV has an estimated total student body population of 55 students and P/K MMKV has an estimated 40 students. Both schools have classes up to Grade Six and teach Sinhala medium and Tamil medium respectively. Some classes have as low as three or four students. Many don’t continue their studies after Grade Six with some others discontinuing school even before.
Dutch Bay Foundation, the main CSR project run by Dutch Bay Resorts, has taken these schools under their wing to provide them a meal each month. Before the charity looked into the schools many students didn’t even have proper school shoes to wear nor did they have enough school supplies. Although the charity did provide them with school bags and shoes along with a few stationery items, we all know how quickly stationery can run out.

The project

Joining hands with Dutch Bay Foundation to get in touch with these two schools, SWSL will be providing the students with a refill on school supplies. These include personal stationery supplies, classroom supplies and other informative books that will make sure these students get a good primary education. We only hope that these students will have a solid education during the first six years of school and continue schooling beyond Grade Six.

There are two main methods of contributing:

• Donating Money
• Donating Stationery

Of these two your financial support is much appreciated since it allows us to buy stationery in bulk
Donating money

Those who are in Sri Lanka can deposit the money to the following bank account. (I am currently trying to set up a different bank account for the funds but until then I will be using my personal account for deposits)

Bank: Commercial Bank
Account name: Milan Anne Lu (MILAN ANNE LU for those of you who want it in all caps)
Account number: 8145007564
Branch: Ward Place

Inbox the page and let me know when you have deposited the money so that I can withdraw it immediately and keep it safe. Please note that it takes at least 24 hours for the money to get processed after depositing (or in the case of depositing on Fridays it will be processed the following Monday). in the case of out of Colombo deposits, it will take at least 2 days.

International fans can donate via paypal.


if you don’t know how to use paypal to send money then read this tutorial:

I will be updating the total collected amount daily so we all know how much we have.

Donating stationery

This method involves you physically handing me the stationery. Don’t worry I don’t bite and chances are you’re taller than me 😀 I will be organizing pick up events at either KBQ in Kotte (next to the Burger King in the Diyawannawa area) or at Korea Corner located within the Colombo Public Library (that is near Nelum Pokuna and is basically attached to the Viharamahadevi Park).
I won’t be collecting stationery until March so no worries there.
A book list will be compiled with an exact count of how much of each item we need collected. This too will be updated daily so you guys don’t donate too much of one item and too little of another. The final book list will be updated at the end of February after I visit both the schools and have a discussion with the principal to know where the students need help the most and how we can liven up their classrooms a bit more. I will also be researching the study plans for each grade to know what extra supplies they will need apart from the basic pens, pencils, erasers and chalk.

Collection of donations will stop by April 3rd since we need time to buy supplies, pack them and transport them from Colombo to Kalpitiya. We also plan on making a video of the whole experience but we need permission from the school principals first. Let’s make some kids smile and possibly help the next generation of doctors, engineers, inventors or entertainers get the education they all deserve 🙂

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Cr- Admin LuNew (SHINee World Sri Lanka)


7 thoughts on “SHINee 7th Anniversary Project by SHINee World – Sri Lanka

  1. What’s the meaning by that? SHINee will come to Sri lanka?
    Have a fan site for shawols ( SHINEE fans )? or an address for sending fan letters for SHINee?
    If u know please tell……..


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