[Demand survey for “K-Pop World Festival 2015” (2)]

Thank you for registering your interest with us regarding the
‘K-Pop World Festival 2015.’
For the Embassy to assess the feasibility of the festival to
take place in Sri Lanka, we would like to acquire from our K-
pop fans, some details as below.
o Submit your details to : korembsrilanka@gmail.com
o From today till Friday, 26th December, 2014
o Please include the following information
1. Name of all participant(s)
2. Categories (Group/Solo and Dance/Vocal/Etc)
3. Contact Number
Kindly submit your details as accurate and specific as
And please note that your personal details will be safe with us.

Source – https://facebook.com/korembsl/photos/a.418274238199958.107113.403198983040817/958050534222323/?type=1&refid=8&_ft_=qid.6094495169923453362%3Amf_story_key.2021050482653448155&__tn__=%2As


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