What is AKOFE ??4

The KOICA Alumni Association in Sri Lanka which is named as the
Association of KOICA Fellows in Sri Lanka (AKOFE)
was formed on 21st July 1999 under the patronage of KOICA, and the Alumni mainly comprises of present and past senior officials in the State Sector who are the recipients of KOICA training opportunities.

The main objectives
of AKOFE among others are to provide a forum to promote a spirit of fellowship among its members and to foster cultural ties between the two countries .The association during the past has contributed immensely in promoting its own image and has played a pivotal role in working towards achieving its objectives, needless to say with the generous assistance and support of KOICA.

About the Members….

The members of the Association of KOICA Fellows in Sri Lanka (AKOFE) are the recipients of the scholarships offered by KOICA who have come together under one umbrella with the prime objective of effectively utilizing the knowledge and skills gained in Korea for the nation building efforts of our motherland and for promoting friendly relations between the two countries. The membership now stands closely to 1000.

Getting the Membership

Any person who has undergone training in Korea sponsered by KOICA, could become a Life Member upon submissin of the duly completed application form along with the Life Membership fee specified by AKOFE and upon being admitted as a Life Member by the Executive Committee.

Visit the official Website of AKOFE 

Source – www.akofe.lk


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