Types of fans in Sri Lanka

K-Wave in Sri Lanka is spreading rapidly after the Local Broadcasting stations ( SLRC , ITN , Derana) started airing Korean Dramas.( specially Jewel in the Palace & Boys Over Folwers)

There are many kinds of kpop fans in Sri Lanka. The 2 main categories are,

A. Kpop fans of the K-Wave (Hallyu Wave).
B. Fans of Korean Dramas.

The first category includes K-Pop and K-Drama fans. Fans in this category normally knows the korean culture and traditions. They know a lot about KWave and KEntertainment industry. They are interested in learning korean (because it’s the only way to get closer to their bias) and most of them use kormanized words. They are aware of major incidents that take place in Korea. (They are more mature than the other categories)

The second category holds the korean drama fans who started liking korean dramas after watching them on Local Channels (both Subbed and Dubbed). They don’t have a clear idea about Korea or Korean Culture. They tend to belive the dream world they see on dramas. Most of them are not mature and they don’t like to accept what Fans of the Hallyu wave says or the reality.
AND they will believe anything mentioned on media without checking if it’s true.

most of BOF fans believe that there is a BOF season 2. – (Yeah.. it’s the April 1st Prank by DRAMAFEVER)
Many believe that Ji Hoo or Jun Pyo and JanDi got married and have a baby (I know it’s an edit)

Majority of this category doesn’t know the existence of Kpop and the remaining people think that the Only singer in S.Korea is PSY (Oppa Gangnam Style)
*please note they have no idea what “oppa” means*

Fans of this group think that they know everything and try to manipulate the fans of the first category fans.

And there’s a category in the middle of these 2 categories. They are in the immature stage, but they try hard to get in to the category A. They try to communicate with the Category A fans and they discuss with them. They are also very curious about the side they don’t know. So they keep exploring.

Please don’t get offended but try to figure out where you stand.

Give me your ideas and opinions. So I can upgraded my article.

Thank You


10 thoughts on “Types of fans in Sri Lanka

  1. i’m a fan of kpop for 3 yrs but after airing bof in local channels the new kpop fans in my schl started bashing me they think i’m a new kpop fan and trying to teach me what is kpop i hate it soo much i hope that you continue making articles about new stupid k drama fans in srilanka . hwiting !! πŸ™‚


  2. It’s better if you can do a article about the unsuccessful dubbing and why they’re unsuccessful. I’ll keep my idea on that here.
    We were K-drama fans for a quite a time now. After this K wave go on to SL recently all the people of every different class got to watch them. but they were not prepared to digest the K drama fashion. They just cannot take it. We watched dramas online because we like them. We searched for them and watched them by our own. No one brought them to us to see. But now all are opened to the K drama culture and it’s alien to them and people having hard time in accepting this. My parents also have watched K dramas with us they look at them in a different and more positive corner than their colleagues. That’s the difference. We watched them in Korean with subtitles with no jokes and foolish underclass dialogs . So they know what a K drama really is. So anyone cant finger the generation gaps. Disaster happened because of dubbing K dramas which are not suitable for Sri Lankan culture. TV channels just telecast whatever the Kdrama they get their hands on to earn money and popularity. They never thought how will majority of SL people will accept this new type of drama. I don’t blame the people. I blame the channels. Rupavahini understand this that’s why they only bring dramas which are suitable here. No much harm done even by dubbing them coz language rhythm matches their dubbing. Modern Kdramas have totally different style of language than modern Sinhala. We can’t expect a dubbing to be successful with them. Why are these people so foolish?


  3. 100% agreed^^ I’ve been a Kpop fan for 5 years but now these new kdrama fans (category B you mentioned) is driving me crazy with their half right facts and stupid assumptions :/ Glad to find there are real fans as well….!! Nice article author-nim πŸ™‚ Hwiting!!!

    By the way any SL ELFs?? or BBCs??


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