“Triple S Sri Lanka” fan base.(SS501 fanbase)

As you all know Triple S (Super Star Supporters ) is the official fan base in Sri Lanka. Though there were some fans in the country there were no fanbase till 2010.

In 2010 @DeeHudgens94 established the Sri Lanka section of the fan base as “Triple S Sri Lanka” (TSSL).
In early stages there were only few fans, but the fandom grew stronger by time.

They carried out many projects for the stars on their birthdays, Anniversary and other functions.They also took part in “International Triple S projects”

(click here to know more about the projects. )

We also have fanbases for every single person of this band.When those fanbases were established TSSL admins were shaken up ( in that period there were lots of Henecia – TS fan wars.) After few discussions we decided to support each other and work together and achieve our goals.
Henecia -Sri Lanka (Kim Hyun Joong fan base) is growing faster because of the airing of the drama “Boys Over Flowers”(BOF)

Triple S Sri Lanka SNS

Official FB page – https://facebook.com/TripleS.SriLanka

Official Twitter account – https://twitter.com/triplesSrilanka

YouTube Channel – https://youtube.com/user/triplessrilanka

Official Blog – http://triplessrilanka.wordpress.com/

Mail Address – triples.srilankaofficial@gmail.com

Admins – @DeeHudgens94 , @Ashi_Wick  (Twitter)

<font color="#000060″>Henecia  (Kim Hyun Joong) Sri Lanka

Twitter account – https://twitter.com/HeneciaSriLanka

Official FB page – https://facebook.com/HyuniesSrilanka501


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