Kim Hyun Joong came to SRI LANKA???

I decided to write this article because there are many new Kim Hyun Joong fans in Sri Lanka.

Most of you must be wondering about this topic. Many senior fans of your fandom might mention this topic. (Because it left many sweet and bitter memories )

Barefoot Friends is a Variety Show (SBS) that was aired in South Korea from 21st of  April to 17th of November (2013).

(Original Cast – Kang Ho-dong, Yoon Jong-shin, Yoo Se-yoon, Kim Bum-soo, Kim Hyun-joong, Yoon Si-yoon, Eunhyuk, Uee)


This show was filmed in some Asian countries. The cast was given different missions and they had to accomplish it while living like native people while geting used to the culture of that country. (They had to learn the basic words of the native language of that country and earn money like natives in a given time frame of 24 hours.)

Their first destination was Vietnam (ep 1-3). They filmed it for few days(April) and they returned back to Korea. Before filming ends rumors spread that the next destination is going to be Indonesia. Later they gave a statement that they will start filming in Indonesia in few days.

During the filming(ep 4-7) rumors spread about the next destination. Rumors (even some news sites) said that it was Sri Lanka.

“…It was reported that they are slated to go to Indonesia and Sri lanka for the other forthcoming episodes. So fans get ready…”

(blog –

Everyone predicted that they might come to Sri Lanka in the end of May (26-28). They were supposed to start filming on 29th or 30th of May . But they didn’t give any official statement till the end.
Then on Friday they they published a statement saying that they will no longer film Barefoot Friends on foreign countries because of  financial problems.

Many Sri Lankan fans who got ready for this event for weeks , since early April were so disappointed. They even made posters and planned how to meet their biases and favorite stars.


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