Where to Watch Korean Dramas

http://www.viki.com – This site gives you the chance to watch few Korean dramas with Sinhala subtitles.

http://www.gooddrama.net – This Site is really good and gives you many options to watch.

http://www.hancinema.net – You will find some dramas in this site.

http://www.dramafever.com – You will not be able to watch many dramas through this site.


Where to Watch Sinhala Dubbed Korean Dramas 





3 thoughts on “Where to Watch Korean Dramas

  1. Hi there! I’m new to watching k-dramas and I’m facing a small issue!! Do you know of a site that is “data-friendly’? My entire quota was over after binge watching 2 entire series 😦 and had to wait till the next month to watch the rest!! 😥 The website I used was dramacool.io and killed almost 45 gb for 2 series… I’m wondering is there an affordable way to watch the dramas?


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