Yoo Seung Ho does charity work in Sri Lanka and India

“Handsome actor Yoo Seung Ho recently came back from volunteer activities at a camp in Sri Lanka. Through Child Foundation and KBS sponsored event, the actor spent some meaningful time helping Sri Lanka children who were burdened from a long civil war.

On the first volunteer day, Yoo Seung Ho carefully listened to Sri Lankans who were suffering from a 26 year long civil war tell their stories about not being able to go back to their home towns and losing their family members.

Afterwards, this kind-hearted actor endured a 6 hour car ride to travel from the city of Colombo to Munagala in order to build a school building for poverty stricken children.

Furthermore, Yoo Seung Ho also spent time with a child named Diranka who was suffering from the diseaseosteogenesis imperfecta (aka Brittle Bone Disease), a disease where your bones start breaking down and there’s no cure at present.

About the situation in Sri Lanka, Yoo Seung Ho commented, “I think the biggest victims of a war are the children. Because of the war, the children’s dreams and futures have been broken.”He continued, “In order to never let something like this happen again, the war has to end quickly.”

 Meanwhile, after volunteer work Yoo Seung Ho also prepared a movie watching time for the village people where he showed his debut drama The Way Home. I remember when I first watched Yoo Seung Ho in the movie The Way Home. He was so little back then I never would have guessed he was the same guy in God of Study. I’m so glad he turned out to be such a kind person, we should all pray that the war in Sri Lanka ends as soon as possible.

The above will be shown through KBS1TV’s Love Request on July 24th.”

[Cr- Allkpop]

*Don’t get offended by the content of this post. It was posted on a foreign news sight long time ago*


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