Lee Young-ae(Changumi) scholarship fund for Sri Lankan A/L Students

Ms. Lee Young Ae who acted as the main character of the popular Tele drama “Sujatha Diyani” telecast by Sri Lanka Rupawahini Corporation as a gift from the republic of Korea, has expressed her willingness to provide a special scholarship fund for girl students from low income families and following advanced level technology subject stream in rural schools in Sri Lanka. It was initially agreed for the establishment of this scholarship when there was a discussion at the ministry of education on 12.08.2013 between Hon. Minister of Education Mr. Bandula Gunawardana and ambassador of the Republic of Korea HE. Choi Jongmoon. One hundred thousand American dollars (Rs.12.5 million) will be offered to the proposed scholarship fund and the formal establishment of it is scheduled on 31st August at the ministry of education. In parallel to the Mahindodaya Scholarship fund which has been started for the students following technology subject at the advanced level on the instructions of HE. The President Mahinda Rajapaksa, it is expected to offer these scholarships to girl students following technology subject at the advanced level by “Sujatha Diyani Foundation”.

Post Credit -www.moe.gov.lk

Photo Credit- Rightful owners


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